kids yoga

Arielle is a 200 hour (RYT), 

and 95 hour children's yoga certified (RCYT).

Yoga entered her life approximately eight years ago when she entered a transitionary period of her life. Her personal practice has shifted and evolved over the years and has in recent years completely informed her entire way of living. She strives to fully embody yoga in the way she carries it with her off the mat and into her life. 


Arielle has worked in childcare since she was a teenager, and she felt so excited by the idea of merging her passion for yoga and for nurturing the growth and evolution of children. Now, as a children’s yoga educator, she aspires to empower children to use the skills learned in yoga as a way to self-regulate, learn about their feelings, emotions and physical sensations both on and off the mat. Arielle believes that yoga is a powerful tool for children and adults alike to become more aware of the way they relate to their bodies, minds, breath, the world around them and most importantly, theirselves. Through relevant, fun and thematic classes, it is Arielle’s hope to engage her students to be the very best version of themselves! 

Outside of teaching yoga, Arielle well… practices a lot of yoga. She is also an artist, a jewelry maker, and an arts educator. In her free time you may find her spending time in nature, biking, dancing, singing, acting, painting, sculpting, and surrounding herself with loved ones