Prenatal + Postnatal Dance

Asal, a mom of two, originally started taking Zumba® in 2013 as a student herself to get back into shape after having her first child. Immediately she fell in love with the way it made her feel. "Stronger, empowered and sexier", is how she described it after every class.  After having her second child, Zumba® helped her cope with PPD. Zumba® was the only thing at the time that would help her cope with the dark days....It really saved her life. With no dance background, just a lot of passion and determination, she got her licence to teach in 2017. Today she is able to share her passion with others. As a mom, she understands that making time for ourselves can be challenging. She makes sure that you will: Smile, Sing along to the music as you're dancing with your baby.

During the last four years, Asal had done many volunteer and charity Zumba® classes for her community including at her kids school. She is licensed in regular Zumba® as well as Zumba® Gold, which is the lower intensity class. Being a busy soccer mom, she knows how important it is for her kids to stay active, especially these days. With her husband by her side, they make sure that fitness is a big part of their lives.