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*New ASD Kids Program

Üphoria Yoga is excited to announce the addition of üshine ASD (3-5's) & ücalm ASD (6-12's), designed specifically for autistic children. 
These new small-group programs led by Emma Basky offer a fun and accessible introduction to yoga, tailored to meet the needs of all participants. 
Yoga has been shown to have a number of benefits for individuals on the autism spectrum including increased flexibility, coordination, balance, relaxation and nervous system regulation, and self-awareness.
Our studio space has been designed with diverse sensory needs in mind and is adaptable in order to provide a relaxing experience. 

HERE is a social story we created about attending yoga class. A list of poses with visuals to practice at home (if interested) will be sent out before the start of the series.




üshine ASD

preschoolers 3-5

A fun and dynamic introduction to yoga, designed specifically for preschoolers on the autism spectrum. In this series, your child will explore yoga poses and explorative movement, learning through song and play. Classes include relaxation and mindfulness techniques using child-friendly props and an opportunity for “quiet time”.  We set your preschooler up for success by encouraging self-awareness, teaching self-regulation strategies, and creating opportunities for motor skill development. Parents are welcome to join in on the fun.



SEP 17 to NOV 5
Saturday: 11:30am-12pm

Price: $238

ücalm ASD

youngsters 6-12

An age-appropriate exploration of yoga, created for youngsters on the autism spectrum. Classes are designed to foster a deeper sense of self including awareness of body, mind, and emotions. Through yoga poses, yoga games, relaxation techniques, and self-inquiry, your child will connect more deeply with themselves, developing self-understanding and compassion, strength, and confidence. Parents are welcome to join classes. 

SEP 17 to NOV 5
Saturday: 12:15pm-1pm

Price: $238

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