kids yoga camp specialist

Avery is a 200-hour registered yoga teacher and a professional dance artist. Avery was first drawn to yoga ten years ago for its physical benefits to supplement her dance training, but quickly felt a deep connection to the mental and emotional benefits of the practice. Yoga has since become an integral part of her life and well-being, leading her to become a Yoga Alliance certified teacher in 2019. A forever student, her passion for movement has led her to explore many other different movement modalities including Body Mind Centering, Pilates, Feldenkrais Method, Franklin Method, Fighting Monkey Technique, and others. Avery carries this knowledge and curiosity into her yoga teaching.


Having worked in childcare for over a decade, Avery is passionate about engaging children through movement. Her yoga classes are nurturing and energizing. She offers fun and accessible classes for kids of all ages that encourage individuality and play. Avery enjoys incorporating dance into her classes and focuses on organic, feel-good movement. Drawing on her many years of experience in the performing arts, Avery engages children through imaginative group games and calming individual explorations. Avery believes yoga is a meaningful tool for children and adults alike to learn how to self-regulate their feelings. Inside an inclusive and supportive environment, she is inspired to empower children to discover their unique potential. 


When not teaching yoga, Avery enjoys exploring her creative practice as a dance artist and choreographer. In her free time, you may also find her reading, hiking, or practicing more yoga!