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60 min


parents' night out



Want to have a night to yourself minus the kids? Having trouble finding a sitter? We've got your covered. Sign your kids up for our parents' night out events filled with fun activities for little ones while you have your evening to yourself.

On the last Saturday of every month, we are thrilled to share our love for yoga, music, arts & craft and dance with your children!  With two spacious rooms, we will be going on yoga adventures while learning about yoga poses and their benefits. Not only will your children get a chance to learn new yoga poses in their developmentally appropriate age group, they will also learn calming techniques and engage in mindful games, crafts and end with a dance party! Did we forget to say pizza is included?!

Each child will have their own designated space/ props with safe distancing. Masks are encouraged but once children are on their mat, they may remove them.

Age: 4 to 12

Cost: $65 + gst

Time: 4pm-7pm


Start Date: Sep 9th 

Every Friday Starting Sep 9th!

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