Having completed a degree in Psychology, Sally went on to earn a Masters in Child Development in University College, London where she had the opportunity to research the .b programme (mindfulness in schools). This experience led her to pursue her masters in Mindfulness-Based Interventions in University College Dublin, where she had numerous opportunities to lead meditations while strengthening her personal meditation practice. Since completing her 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Dublin and India, she has created mindfulness and yoga classes ‘Tiny Toes, Beautiful Souls’ for children aged 3-12 and been teaching both children and adults in Dublin, Barbados, and her new home of Vancouver. She has facilitated courses in general mindfulness, mindfulness-based stress reduction and mindful parenting, as well as delivered workshops in corporate and classroom environments. As her knowledge and passion for mindfulness and yoga has grown, she has become increasingly inspired to share her knowledge with others. She feels that the greatest gift you can give a child is to teach them how to be truly happy no matter what obstacles they face. By helping to planting the seeds of mindfulness at an early age, she hopes to support kids to blossom into confident, kind and compassionate souls.

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