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kids yoga

Emily is a Registered Massage Therapist practising and living in Mount Pleasant.  She has an extensive background in coaching children in athletics, having instructed in the UBC Active Kids gymnastics program and both competing and coaching for many years in All Star Cheerleading. Emily developed a strong passion for working with kids of all ages with these programs, having experience with kids from ages 3 to 18. 


Emily is in the process of completing her Children’s Yoga teacher training. Her yoga journey began in high school as a tool for mindfulness and stress relief. She continues her practice now, enjoying the support of the yoga community and having a space to move freely and strengthen both physically and mentally. 


In joining the team at Uphoria, Emily plans to develop programs that incorporate her knowledge of gymnastics and developmentally appropriate skill building. By creating an inclusive and safe space for kids to learn to move, and by offering a compassionate and caring approach to interacting with children, classes with Emily are sure to be educational, engaging and most importantly fun!

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