Adult yoga

George grew up in rural Ireland and, to be honest it is not the greatest yoga haven in the world. With a background in construction it is fair to say that he’s not your stereotypical yogi. It was through many years of unsuccessfully dealing with stress and anger issues that he found yoga through both the physical practice and meditation and came not only to love yoga but find that it was an essential part of his life and integral to his mental health.


He came to yoga as a self-conscious person who wandered into class not knowing what to expect and loves to find people who are new to yoga in his class. He hopes to introduce them to the physical and mental benefits.Finding inner space is a fundamental part of George’s yoga class where he places an emphasis on the importance of silence and separation from the input of life.


He is a firm believer that we need to get away from the everyday rigors of life and tries to provide a safe space to do that.When he is not practicing or teaching yoga he can be found camping, writing fiction or dancing with his daughter.

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