prenatal yoga

Heather is born and raised in Vancouver. She discovered yoga in her early twenties and practiced for 8 years before embarking on her teaching journey. In 2015 she completed her 200 hour teacher training and realized that there is so much more to yoga than just the physical aspect.


She has since completed over 500 hours of teacher training with many different influences along the way. Inspired by many different styles from Kundalini to Yin, she brings elements of each style into her hatha and prenatal classes. Her true passion lies in supporting prenatal students and hopes to become a postpartum doula in the future, to help continue support in these incredible life transitions. Yoga supports us in all different phases of life, physically, mentally and spiritually.


Heather understands that there is a practice to support you exactly where you’re at, whether you want to engage in a physical practice or delve into the depth of philosophy, there will be something that resonates for everyone.

Heather will guide you in a safe, supportive and inclusive space to connect with your body and breath. Joining intuitive flow and practices that go deep expect to be inspired, informed and nurtured.

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