Our curriculum is child-centred and play/learning based where children are encouraged to be explorative, creative, and imaginative. Through yoga and mindful games, songs, and stories, children will be encouraged to value their curiosity and confidence. Our certified and experienced kids yoga instructors and childhood educators will plan classes according to the different interests and abilities of each age group of children.

Parents &

Crawlers - 2 Years

In this series, we will introduce you and your little one to the benefits of yoga through the use of playful stories, songs and props. Not your typical calming yoga experience, this class is to designed to help toddlers move, to build strength and their fitness foundation.

1 hour (45 + 15 free play)

Wed 9:45-10:45 am

Fri 9-10 am
Parent assisted

* Drop-In 

Yoga, Music & Dance

Ages 2.5 to 5

Introduce your little ones to the benefits of yoga with live instrumental music in each class. Your preschooler will learn safe and playful yoga poses and relaxation techniques with child-friendly yoga props, alongside affirmations in a harmonious music environment.  

1 hour

Mon / Fri 10:15-11:15 am

Tues 4-5 pm
Parent drop-off

 * Drop-In 

Mindful Youngsters

Ages 6 to 8

Through flowing sequences, breathing, and games, your yogi will develop deeper sense of body awareness as well as mental clarity and focus. Develops coordination, strength, and self-confidence, as well as nurturing love and respect for themselves and others.

1 hour

Thurs 4:00-5:00pm

Sun 10:15-11;15 am
Parent drop-off

 * Drop-In 



Ages 9 to 12

More complex poses for your growing yogi to help cultivate physical strength and mental focus. With physical practice, breath exercises and meditation, your preteen will set a foundation for their practice while learning to manage stress and anxiety, and cultivate a love of movement and functional fitness.

1 hour

Tues 5:15-6:15 pm
Parent drop-off

* Drop-In



Ages 13 to 17

This restorative and gentle class for teens focuses on mindful activities and breathing techniques. We'll combine a series of games with group and partner poses to aid them in improving balance, stability and concentration. while helping your child transition to adult yoga classes with longer flows.

1 hour

Thurs 6:45-7:45 pm
Parent drop-off

* Drop-In


All ages

Bring the whole family together for bonding time. This is a fun and creative class for all members of your family to practice functional movement, breath awareness, and build relaxation techniques. Enjoy both the physical and mental benefits of practicing yoga together! 

1 hour

Every Sat & Sun

* Drop-In class only

Parents' Night 


Ages 5-10

Want to have a night to yourself minus the kids? Having trouble getting a sitter? Well this will be fun and healthy activity for your little ones while you have your evening to yourself. Kids will learn safe and playful yoga poses alongside affirmations in a harmonious music & dance environment.  

2 hours

Every Sat 


*24hrs advance book is required