Nicholas began his yoga journey when he first moved to Vancouver 10 years ago. What started pretty casually soon developed into a regular practice and his base for community and meeting new people in the city.


Fast forward a few years and Nicholas was ready to leave his restaurant job and transition to teaching yoga full time. However, upon graduating from teacher training, he sustained a knee injury in a trampolining accident which left him on crutches for about 2 months and in need of surgery. In learning to modify his practice within the confines of a recovering body, this injury became a great learning opportunity. Rather than striving to fit his body into particular shapes and poses, Nicholas’s practice became about adapting the poses to work for the body. This principal continues to inform Nicholas' teaching today; offing cues, modifications, and alternative poses to help each student adapt their practice in a way that will bring them the most benefit.

Nicholas loves creating a fun and grounding practice with a focus on breath, body, and mind. Anyone who attends his classes can expect to strengthen, stretch, and sweat, but how much you do of each is up to you! If a student wants to work out hard, or distract from a busy work week, or take a long nap, or just wants a chunk of time with no outside distractions, all options are valid and each student is welcome to adapt to what their mind and body needs in the moment.

Outside of the studio, Nicholas loves photography, baking, gardening, gaming, reading, crafting, and adventuring with his four-legged friend.

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