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kids & family yoga

Skyla is a certified 475-hour yoga teacher and has been teaching yoga for the past 7 years throughout Canada and Mexico. In addition Skyla is in the process of completing her 95 hour children's yoga teacher training


Skyla believes through the practice of yoga, you can transform your life. Her classes offer a safe space where students are encouraged to explore their inner worlds and develop a yoga practice authentic to them. She believes in a non-judgemental way of living as well as teaching, which is why her classroom is filled with love and compassion.


Skyla grew up as a competitive dancer. Connecting to her body through free movement from childhood to adulthood led her to be introduced to her path of yoga. Yoga has been a tremendous vehicle of healing in Skyla’s life, always offering opportunities to go deeper within. To her, the most sacred parts of life are experienced through play, breath, movement, and creativity.


When Skyla is not teaching yoga you can find her spending time in nature, building connections and relationships with others, dancing, writing poetry, and napping. Skyla dreams of a world where everyone can feel safe to be who they are, love who they love, and experience equality. She is a student of the world as she is always learning (and unlearning). She desires to be childlike and wise

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