We provide an environment rich in learning and building self-awareness through mindfulness, sensory stimulation,

social interaction, language development and exploration



Parent & Tot 

Crawlers -2.5 Years

This class is meant for parent(s) and toddler together and it will focus on introducing yoga poses in an engaging way. This class will help to build strength and improve both physical and mental developments for all. 

30 min


Parent & Tot Dance

Walking- 3 Years

There are many physical and mental health benefits of dance for young children! Self-confidence and better coordination to name a few! Grab your little one and let’s shake our bodies to fun tunes! Class ends by cooling down in safe partner poses and using our breath!  

30 min

Tuesday 11-11:30am


 3-5 Years

Your preschooler will be introduced to the benefits of yoga through story telling, musical props, dance and mindful activities. Parent participation is not required but they are welcome to stay. 

45 min

Monday 10:15-11am

Friday 9:30-10:15am

Yoga Circle Time

3-5 Years

From finger playing to storytelling, your preschooler will be engaged in interactive activities where he/she can develop and strengthen his/her emotional, social, physical and intellectual development. 

30 min

Tuesday 9-9:30am


6-12 years

This class is designed help children develop deeper sense of body awareness as well as mental clarity and focus. It will focus on developing flexibility, balance and coordination. 

45 min

Monday 11:15-12pm

Tuesday 10-10:45am

Friday 10:30-11:15am

Yoga Pictionary

6-12 Years

Through this visual game, children will explore different yoga poses weekly and learn the benefits of them. We believe in the importance of play in kids yoga and this game will allow children to express their creativity and emphasize on their physical and emotional development.

30 min

Thursday 9-9:30am

Pajama Storytime

6-12 Years

Come and join other friends in your pajamas while listening to mindful stories! We will sing, stretch, move our bodies in fun, safe ways and get ready for a good night’s sleep. This class focuses on literacy growth while actively learning new breathing techniques. 

30 min

Thursday 7-7:30pm

We are talking bonding time, partner poses, dance and fun for the whole family though yoga! A welcoming and fun way to spend time as a family. The focus is on trying your best and interacting through yoga poses and maybe even freestyle dancing.

Family Yoga

All Ages

45 min

Saturday 11-11:45am


45 min



45 min


Virtual Birthday Party

Want to have an unforgettable birthday for your little one?

We provide one of a kind birthday parties. We

can cater to any theme, while offering yoga,

music & dance parties!