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Prenatal, Postnatal, Kids & Family Yoga Instructor

Tara holds a Bachelor of Health Sciences from Simon Fraser University and embarked on her yoga journey in 2010 to enhance her physical performance. With 8 years of daily vinyasa and hatha practice, she developed a deep love for yoga. After completing her early childhood education (ECE), Tara's passion for working with children led her to teach yoga to young ones. She obtained her 50-hour Kids & Family Yoga Teacher Training and 95-hour RCYT with a trauma-informed focus over the past 5 years.

Tara's teaching experience ranges from infants to elementary school-aged children, spanning classrooms, schools, childcare centers, and her own studio. During her pregnancy, she discovered the benefits of prenatal yoga, which motivated her to pursue an 85-hour Prenatal Teacher Training and 35-hour Postnatal Teacher Training.

At Üphoria Yoga, Tara instructs various classes, including kids yoga, toddler yoga, family yoga, and postnatal yoga. She combines her academic expertise with mindful movement, aiming to positively impact children's health and wellness. Her classes feature uplifting music, dance, storytelling, and conclude with relaxation and breathwork. Tara's mission is to inspire her students to cultivate confidence, creativity, and self-love. Outside of yoga, she cherishes quality time with her life/business partner, Shayan, and her two children, Pasha and Kiasha.

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