invite us to your school!



invite us to your school!


schools + childcare centres

Üphoria Yoga empowers children through yoga, movement and mindfulness at your school! 


We will send one of our experienced children’s yoga teachers to your school to engage children in fun, dynamic, and educational yoga classes. Yoga for children encourages the use of mindfulness, self-acceptance and provides them with tools for self-regulation. It supports a child through their formative years so that they can move about the world with increased confidence, resilience and awareness.

field trips

Bring your students into our beautiful studio space for a fun day of yoga introductions, dynamic breathwork, group activities, games and time for relaxation. Students will have an opportunity to engage in age appropriate poses, a positive class environment and leave with new skills. This mini yoga session is a fantastic introduction to mindfulness that will lay down the foundation for continued learning.

For any further questions/bookings please email or call