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Uphoria Yoga Vancouver

Yoga Studio

Uphoria Yoga Vancouver is Your Yoga Studio For The Whole Family.

Uphoria Yoga Vancouver is the secret of many healthy families when it comes to maintaining energy, vitality, and a trim waistline even through the coldest winter months. Winters in BC Canada can be harsh, isolating, and seasonal depression is not uncommon. Even if the weather does not get you down it is likely that you will pack on a few extra pounds because outdoor activity decreases for most people. You do not have to go outdoors to be active at our studio, you can move your body and practice the best yoga poses any time of year.

A trip to a yoga studio that is family-friendly and offers a variety of flexible class options for the whole family is the answer to many winter woes. Our studio is warm and well lit. The environment is also warm and friendly. The whole family is welcome to partake in various classes and just the act of moving and getting out of the house can have a positive impact on your mood and physical health through the winter.

Our kid's yoga classes are full of energy, music, and movement as well as peaceful moments and motions to calm the crew back down. We offer classes for kids of all ages, parents of all fitness levels, and families from all over the area. We even offer a single class for the whole family to do together if you want to start as a group before you branch off to individual yoga courses. Yoga is a contemplative practice and the people slowly evolves to find the styles they enjoy the most, our studios allow you to choose what works best for you with drop-in classes of all types so you can be comfortable at every stage.


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