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Adult Yoga Classes

Yoga East Vancouver

You Can Enjoy These Adult Yoga Classes At Your Convenience

Are you interested in adult yoga classes? We offer classes where you can get away and hone your yoga skills in an environment surrounded by other adults who are focused on improving themselves inside and out.
Our Adult Yoga Classes Include:
Energize, Learn strength, flexibility, and focus with breath and movement. This class is considered stress-reducing and energizing. It builds on Hatha.
Hatha This class is a foundational class that increases body awareness, peace, and balance for newcomers. Most other classes will build up from here.
Flow Build strength, flexibility, and stamina. This class uses creative movement sequences to increase heat in the body.
Chill This class is all about relaxing. Unwind, de-stress, and work on your core balance with a series of movements designed to improve your center of balance and your sense of peace.
Core and Release This class is an increase in intensity from the previous on the list. You will feel a greater connection to your core and improve your strength with conditioning work. Runners, cyclists, and hikers enjoy this course.
Band Use resistance bands and yoga poses to increase strength and balance with this fun class that is okay for beginners and challenging for athletes as well.
Uphoria Strength Work all your muscle groups with a full body workout that will leave your more limber, stronger and feeling empowered.
Mat Pilates This class is all about core training. We use a variety of methods to improve your tone and core strength with regular attendance.
Visit us for Yoga East Vancouver to partake in any of our quality adult yoga classes soon. We have a drop-in schedule for your convenience. Each class is sixty minutes long.

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