Upcoming events at Üphoria

Baby Sleep


Saturday January 25th


The Mama Coach Amanda will be teaching an educational Sleep Seminar at Üphoria Yoga. Amanda is a Registered Nurse, Sleep Coach and Lactation Consultant and loves educating and supporting new families. This is a great place to start learning fundamental information about your little ones sleep!

Babies are welcome to join!

We will discuss:

Sleep Props

Napping problem

 Night feeding and feeding on demand

 Sleeping through the night

 Breastfeeding and Sleep

 Bedtime Struggles

Space is limited to 8 Couples Max


$10 + GST

by: Amanda Archibald

Prenatal Partner  


Sunday February 23rd

3 hrs (3-6pm)

This comprehensive, hands-on and fun workshop prepares you and your birth partner for an informed and empowered birth. The workshop begins with an interactive talk on what it means to be informed and empowered. Then, in preparation for your birth, couples will practice movement, breathing techniques and loving touch to enhance comfort and confidence in pregnancy, labour and delivery. With a focus on the essential role of the birth partner specific hands-on natural pain management techniques will be explored. You will learn to strengthen, open, and relax the body while connecting with your baby and each other. This workshop is recommended anytime during the second or third trimesters. ‚ÄčNo prior yoga experience is necessary. Open to all couples.

Space is limited to 8 Couples Max

$150 + GST (per couple)

by: Brenlie Nagy