Upcoming events at Üphoria

Euphoric Dance

Free Community Class

Friday February 28th


Euphoric dance stems from the roots of free flow movement, one of the oldest forms of collective tribal gatherings, infused with earthly music. The rhythmic flow of breath, body, heart and soul connection is truly a beautiful experience.

Not only does moving the body in organic shapes healthy for the physical body, the mental and spiritual are just as enhanced.

“Dancing” invokes positive energy, releases tension, balances the flow of breathe and movement in perfect harmony, truly generating neural pathways to the heart and brainwave systems in a fun, safe, non judgemental environment. Through togetherness, the freedom of dance is a a beautiful way to cleanse, purify and rejuvenate our True Selves.

*Adults only

Open to all levels 

by: Samantha Dubinsky

Parents' Night Out

Friday March 6th

3 hrs (6-9pm)

Want to have a night to yourself minus the kids? Having trouble getting a sitter? Drop off your kids with well trained and educated instructors! This will be fun, educational and healthy activity for your little one(s) while you have your evening to yourself. We will teach them yoga through games, songs, storytelling and other fun activities!

5 years and older.

Pizza included

(please email 

for any allergies) 

$38 + GST

by: Tara Shayegan

Prenatal Partner  


Sunday February 23rd

3 hrs (3-6pm)

This comprehensive, hands-on and fun workshop prepares you and your birth partner for an informed and empowered birth. The workshop begins with an interactive talk on what it means to be informed and empowered. Then, in preparation for your birth, couples will practice movement, breathing techniques and loving touch to enhance comfort and confidence in pregnancy, labour and delivery. With a focus on the essential role of the birth partner specific hands-on natural pain management techniques will be explored. You will learn to strengthen, open, and relax the body while connecting with your baby and each other. This workshop is recommended anytime during the second or third trimesters. ​No prior yoga experience is necessary. Open to all couples.

Space is limited to 8 Couples Max

$150 + GST (per couple)

by: Brenlie Nagy

Infant Massage


Friday February 28th


Loving touch, (Infant Massage), is such a powerful and beautiful way to connect with your baby. While nourishing the precious bond between you and your new baby, learn specific techniques that have been proven to: increase circulation, build muscle tone, improve your baby’s immune system, reduce stress hormones, and improve your baby’s sleep and digestion. This workshop is ideal for parents and babies in their “fourth trimester”

(the first 3 months postpartum)

$38 + GST

by: Brenlie Nagy

Exploring Meditation

& Mindfulness


Sunday March 8th


Did you know that you have between 30,000 and 70,000 thoughts a day? Meditation is a powerful tool that can help you cut through all of this noise and gain more focus, clarity and creativity. In this workshop, we’ll explore the difference between mindfulness and meditation, dispel meditation myths, answer common questions, learn a meditation technique that you can do anywhere and anytime, and explore ways you can be more present in your day to day life. Whether you’ve never meditated before or are an experienced meditator, there is something in this workshop for everyone.

$38 + GST

by: Cayley Benjamin

Free Community

"Energize" Vinyasa Class

Saturday March 21st


This powerful vinyasa class is a flowing series for strength, flexibility, and focus. By linking breath with movement, you'll increase mindfulness and down-train stress. Building on Hatha, exploring variations such as arm balances & inversions.

*new clients only

open to all levels

by: Manuela Quintero

Free Community 

"chill" Yin Class

Saturday March 28th


Unwind and de-stress with a luscious yin practice. By holding floor stretching postures that target the hips and back, yin slowly stretches the connective tissue of the body to release deeply held tension. Leave feeling lighter, more flexible, spacious, and calm.


*new clients only

open to all levels

by: manuela quintero