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Kids Yoga Classes


Family Yoga classes

Did You Know We Offer Fun Kids Yoga Classes For Ages 2 and Up?

Escape from the chill this winter with kids yoga classes. Have you been searching for something to do in Vancouver, BC, Canada this winter to keep your kid's minds stimulated and their body's busy and active? Consider kids yoga classes in a relaxed family environment that are guaranteed to be a load of fun for all.

You can enjoy family yoga classes with your kids and use it as an excuse to spend quality time together, or you can enjoy one of our adult yoga classes if you want a bit of time to focus on yourself for a moment.

Our options for kids yoga classes are:
Parents and Tots - Where parents and toddlers can play and dance to fun yoga moves together.
Yoga Music and Dance - For kids under five who enjoy live instruments and lots of energy.
Mindful Youngsters - For young kids who are ready to have a slower-paced class that focuses on the poses.
Mindful Teens - As a natural progression from mindful youngsters, this is much like adult yoga classes but with peers in the same age group.
Family Class - A class that the whole family can participate in and have a blast. This is a great way to warm your child up to participating without you once they are comfortable with doing yoga by your side.

We also offer Parents Night Out classes that last for two hours each Saturday night and allows your children to play and learn while you get a bit of time for dinner alone. 24 hour advanced booking is required for parents' night out classes. Come in and try a class as a drop-in soon to find out what all the hype around yoga is about.

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