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Prenatal Classes Vancouver

Postnatal Classes Vancouver

Yoga is Great for Pregnant Women, Visit Us for Prenatal Classes Vancouver

Uphoria Yoga offers prenatal classes Vancouver for expectant mothers to become more familiar with their bodies, stretch sore muscles, and improve flexibility. Our breathing techniques used in each yoga class can improve your stamina and mind control in the delivery room. Our specialized prenatal and postnatal classes have been reported to be beneficial when it comes to shortening delivery time and arming the mother to be with the tools she needs to handle the process with as much control as possible.

Prenatal yoga allows the mother to feel a connection with her own body and with her baby in a relaxing environment that nurtures her natural instincts. The class is also a great way to meet other mothers to be as you start on your journey to motherhood. Physical fitness done with the pregnant mom's needs and limitations in mind can reduce unexpected pregnancy symptoms such as constipation, heartburn, and ligament pain. Come in soon for one of our scheduled 75-minute classes.
You can come at any stage in your pregnancy and if you have a baby already check out our postnatal classes. Postnatal classes Vancouver are a way to continue to see and socialize with the mother's you met in your prenatal classes. But the main goal is for parents to bond with their new babies with gentle movements that help infants explore their bodies and minds. It also helps recovering mothers improve their body with slow flexibility and strength training movements. A new mother can feel isolated and unfamiliar with her own body this class helps reduce postpartum blues by increasing socialization and body awareness.


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