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kids yoga

Cass is a creative, free-spirited, and passionate individual. She’s not only a certified yoga teacher, but also a nature mentor, mental health advocate, and certified social-emotional learning facilitator.  Her personal yoga journey began over a decade ago, as a means of deepening her connection with her mind and body, managing stress, and practicing self-compassion.


In 2022, she completed her 200HR Yoga Teaching Training and has been sharing her wisdom ever since. Cass’s love for Hatha, Vinyasa, and Restorative yoga shines through in her dynamic and flowing sequences. Through her classes, she helps students not only build physical strength, flexibility and relaxation, but also cultivating mindfulness that extends beyond the mat and into their daily lives. She incorporates breathwork, meditation, philosophy, play and self-reflection into her teachings, encouraging students to develop a profound connection with themselves and the world around them.


Her dedication to youth work started back in 2018 during her university years. Since then, she has engaged with young people in various settings, from teaching forest school, mentoring vulnerable youth and facilitating transformational experiences on backcountry wilderness trips. She has also hosted nature-based yoga and social-emotional camps to share the magic of yoga with the community. 


Cass has a special talent for teaching children’s yoga. She introduces children of all ages to the wonders of yoga through fun, inclusive and imaginative classes, fostering body awareness, focus and self-confidence in a playful, nurturing and trauma-informed environment. 

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