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Prenatal & Adult Instructor

Erin is a dedicated yoga teacher and mental health advocate, whose passion lies at the intersection of ancient wisdom and modern psychology. With a deep-rooted commitment to holistic well-being, Erin integrates her extensive knowledge of both yoga and psychology to create meaningful experiences for her students.

Erin pursued her 200 hr Hatha Yoga training at Tofino Yoga three years ago and is continuously inspired by her daily Yoga practice. As well, she has an undergraduate degree in Psychology from UVIC, providing her with a strong background on the connection between mind and body. Her classes go beyond physical postures, delving into the psychological and spiritual dimensions of yoga. Drawing inspiration from her background, she guides students on a journey of self-discovery, encouraging them to explore the connection between mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Erin’s teaching philosophy is grounded in mindfulness and compassion. Her classes are a blend of asana, breathwork, and mindfulness techniques, creating nurturing environments for self-reflection and personal growth. Students can expect a warm and inviting experience that offers challenge, fun, and a safe space to be with themselves. She recently received her certification to teach Prenatal yoga and is looking forward to expanding her classes to be inspired by the journey of motherhood.

She is forever grateful for the lineage of Yoga and what these practices have brought, and continue to bring, to her life.

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