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kids yoga

Born and raised in Mexico, Karen journeyed to Canada as a student with a passion for early childhood education.

From her earliest years, Karen was drawn to the art of teaching children and fostering a nurturing environment for their growth, making it her foremost priority.

Since 2016, she has immersed herself in working with children, uncovering their boundless potential and recognizing that creativity knows no limits. Through her guidance, she imparts the art of crafts, nurturing children's creativity. Upon delving into the realm of yoga, Karen unearthed a wealth of opportunities to share with children, enabling them to forge connections with their mind, spirit, and body from a tender age.

Karen firmly believes in the transformative power of yoga, viewing it as a catalyst for children to enhance their self-relationship, even in their formative years, all while reveling in the joy of practice. Driven by a desire to cultivate an atmosphere of tranquility and safety where every child can flourish physically, she embraced the world of yoga to enhance children's experiences.

Continuing her journey, Karen diligently pursues certifications and delves deeper into how yoga can positively shape lives from the earliest stages.


She recently completed a Kids Yoga Training Certificate, striving always to expand her knowledge for the betterment of children's experiences.

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