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kids yoga

From age 16, yoga has been Natalie's creative form to find a balance between power and ease in her body.  


Her practice over the past 7 years has developed a deep respect for the capabilities of each unique body and individual that inhabits it.  Constant relocating throughout the US, UK and Canada her life has allowed her gratitude for the mat and this practice as the home she can always come back to. Natalie worked in childcare for three years designing after-school and summer programming for a daycare for children from ages 4 to 12. She worked to develop fun and enriching themes for summer camps, while fostering connections with children and maintaining their safety.  She fell in love with working with kids, and combining that with her love for yoga was a dream she was so overjoyed became a job.


Natalie holds a 200hr certification from Vinyasa School of Yoga, and in the process of receiving an additional 300 hour training from Path of Yoga in Thailand.  Natalie also holds as Bachelors in Kinesiology, and has a background in strength and condition which has developed a teaching style informed by physiology and strengthening through intelligent cues. Through working with populations from children to athletes to individuals working with physical and mental impairments, she has come to the conclusion that yoga can benefit and is for everyone.  


She believe’s firmly that there is a type and style of yoga for everyone. She has taught the range such as: yoga style fitness classes, playful children classes, vinyasa flows, yin, chair yoga for stroke patients, adapted yoga for spinal cord disabilities, and many more. Natalie aims at increasing strength and connection in one’s body while promoting a calmness and focus on one’s movements.  She hopes that all who practice with her leave with a a sense of inspiration, fun and alignment within ones body and mind.

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