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kids yoga

Nikola has been working with kids since she was around 14. She first began teacher assisting a ballet class for kids ages 3-5 to which she grew to love teaching kids and her favourite thing about teaching is watching them grow and grow in confidence.


Nikola also teaches kids gymnastic where she has learned to incorporate some yoga technique and breath work which she has noticed a significant difference in not only the children’s flexibility, but also their relaxation and open mindfulness. She has completed her teaching kids yoga certificate and is passionate about helping kids work on expressing their creativity and putting a smile on the kids faces!


Nikola has been actively studying yoga for about 4 years now and is hoping to get her 200 hour yoga certificate soon because she is very passionate about yoga and the healing powers that come with it. Nikola is currently studying for her bachelors at UBC for earth and ocean sciences. She believes that yoga has helped her connect with nature more because since practicing yoga, it has helped her become more grounded and helps her practice gratitude in her everyday life.


Nikola hopes to continue her journey with teaching children and help them grow into happy and confident individuals by getting her Ece in the near future! 

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