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Kids Yoga

Priyanshi, is a certified yoga teacher and an RMT student. She completed her 200 hour and 85 hours of teacher training at Rishikul Yogashala in India. Priyanshi began her yoga journey as a way to heal but quickly found a lifetime love. Consistent yoga helped her to find balance and develop a love and respect for her own body. 


She loves to guide yoga to children with different games and mindful activities. Her playfulness and joyful spirit makes it easy to connect with and allows kids to feel at home, empowered, seen and heard. Her mission is to help kids explore their way out of stress and anxiety: re-connecting to their bodies and minds in a fun, accessible way.


She has over 2 years of experience of teaching kids yoga in a school setting. Priyanshi loves to share life values through yoga and stories.

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