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kids yoga

Vanessa graduated from the University of British Columbia with a bachelor's degree in psychology. She is passionate about taking care of both the mind and body. She is an advocate for mental health and spends her time volunteering in her community with the Looking Glass Foundation. She also volunteers at the Kids Help Phone fundraisers. She has experience working with children as a behavior interventionist and also as a tutor.


She was a rhythmic gymnast all through her elementary and high school years. She attended many competitions, and her personal best was ranking second out of thirty gymnasts at the Rhythmic Gymnastics Western Championships. She trained with a private gymnastics team weekly, spending hours in a gym to achieve her goals. Through this and her studies, she has come to realize how important it is to relax and ground oneself through meditation. She believes firmly that yoga can be for any age, not only for the experience of relaxation but also for strengthening one's body.


Her goals are to create a safe space where each student can express themselves through the art of yoga. Joining Uphoria will allow her to incorporate her knowledge of rhythmic gymnastics into each class to create a fun and inclusive space for children to learn and move. 

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